An Artist's eye, a craftsman's hands

Philip Simmonds is firmly established as one of Britain's leading designer makers of large sculptural ceramics. Experience the deep satisfaction of choosing sculpture which is designed, made and presented to you by one man. Philip's skilled craftmanship is at the heart of everything he makes.

Philip Simmonds

the finest handmade pots, on a grand scale

"Clay is amazing. To take this humble material from the earth and turn it into something beautiful is profoundly creative and a real joy. I'm privelidged to experience this transformation every day."Philip Simmonds Signiature

Exhibiting at The Chelsea Flower Show 2014

We will be launching Philip's latest designs at The Chelsea Flower Show this year. We will be exhibiting in our usual position near the river Thames gate and Philip will be there each day available to talk through your projects with you and answer any questions about his work that you may have .

20th and 24th May, Stand No. RGB 5